Feelings before and after… The most special interview, which I have ever made in my life!

As you know, recently, I have participated in a training course – “Medart – the methods of art and creativity for inclusion”, which held in Lanzarote, canary island.  The second day we had a great experience because we went to prison and saw the play ” one flew over the  Cuckoo’s nest” performing by prisoners. Also, we had time to ask questions them and to answer their questions too. By helping one of organizer and trainer, Magdalena Komarova,  I managed to take an interview from one prisoner, who really touched my heart…

Before I was thinking many things: about how they look, are they dangerous or not? what is their fault?  are they regretting? why they are in jail?!

and after meeting face to face, I realized, that they are the same as us, we all are making mistakes in our life and I think communication with them and to include in activities, is very important, I can definitely say – that day changed my view and changed everything inside me.  Especially, I was impressed by one guy, from Germany, who asked us after the play: “what is your feeling  to be here?”
I wanted to talk with him more but unfortunately, we had no more time, so  I made the decision to ask him an interview, he wrote that he would answer with the worlds, which are coming of his heart and here it is the interview:
  1. I love… my “Princessin” – she is the love of my life
  2. I don’t like… ignorance
  3. I always dreamed about… the big love
  4. If I would have opportunity to go past, I would change… the things I have done for being in jail
  5. I am happy when… my “Princessin” is it!
  6. Love is… Life
  7. Life is… Love
  8. I am getting angry when… I must see the violence and injustice in the world
  9. I am afraid of… getting older without my “Princessin”
  10. I can… be a better man
  11. I can’t…. turn back time
  12. I feel…. I am living once again and… she loves me…
  13. I am interested in… make this world a better place and being part of it
  14. I regret…. I have made terrible mistakes – I have been such an egoist
  15. I am proud of…every breath I might have spent with my “Princessin”
  16. I miss….my “Princessin”
  17. Before I did not say, but now I am saying, that…. I am guilty! Alone! I take all the responsibilities for my bad actions
   18. I believe… in god, love and also in myself….
this was a small interview… now let´s find out about him more.
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