” Please wait, I am your man, YOUR Mario, love does not know time” – Interview from a jail


1. Mario, Tell us about you, I wonder, why are you here, but share whatever you want…

My name is Mario Tomás Sibeín, born in the year if 1970, I am Bavarian! I came from Fuerteventura which is my mother country – my fatherland is Bavaria.

at first, I wondered too, but after finding myself it is easy to explain in fewer words:

I am guilty !!!

I have believed that I am a better man than all the others. I was blind and ignorant and have been the worlds greatest egoist! moreover, I drank too much – always and lost the little rest of myself.  Having of this illusion I have done things – ONLY FOR LOVE- which has hurt the heart and soul of my “Prinzessin” and destroyed her faith in me. I am ashamed of and repent with all of my life. I wish, one day, she could forgive me?!

3. How is your daily life? ( prison, friends, theater)

Since I am in jail it is the only a daily fight against the time and not to drive mad.

4. What is Your favorite movie/ book, author?

Danielle Steel: Loving ( German title: Alle Liebe dieser Erde )

because it has opened my eyes and has changed my life fundamental.

5. What was/ is most difficult for you and What makes you stronger?

being locked up in prison, knowing where I am.

6. What are your future plans?

Being a better man and growing older with my “Prinzessin”

7. What would you say to others? Advice, wishes,  if it is someone, to who you want to say something?

Screenshot 2018-12-24 15.06.53





P.S. When I decided to make an interview, I even could not be sure, if he would be open to share, as you see, he is talking with his heart and I am really happy to take this opportunity. I want to wish him happy Christmas!!

Thank you, MARIO!


Many thanks also to people, who helped me to make this interview, especially, to Madlen!







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